PMIS is an Important Print Shop Management Software

Print Management Information System (PMIS) is one of the print shop management software. It’s a complete ERP system developed by GRM software service for distribution and wholesale trade as well as manufacturing companies. PMIS is a full software solution that is designed to help commercial forms and manufacturers.

What can this Software Do?


This print shop management software can help you in recording calls and scheduling callbacks. It directly interfaces with Estimating and Order Entry in prompting users any time a call back is needed. Additionally, it offers a quote history and customer order.

Estimating (Cost Based)

The estimating feature lets an operator estimate the product manufacturing cost in a pretty short period. The operator will enter customer info and a little description, job features, and specifications. Then, this print shop management software will determine how the task can be made and calculates the cost of material and labor.

Inventory Management

The app helps in capturing and reporting info regarding both finished goods like stock products or customer forms and raw materials. Usages and allocations of inventory things can manually be entered in the Inventory app or the interfaces with the job costing and job jacket apps updates inventory automatically.

Job Costing

This print shop management software offers the ability to capture labor and material costs linked to each job. A bar code information collection system can be utilized in streamlining the collection of labor operations done, raw materials, and job status inventory consumption.

Order Entry (Dockets)

Order Entry gets simplified as some features and specifications don’t require being re-keyed for jobs which are repeats or were already estimated. Repeat jobs are easily recalled from history to ensure that only the changes are going to require being re-keyed.

Production Scheduling

In this print shop management software application, the production scheduling app lets the production staff re-schedules and be able to arrange the tasks in the plant according to the labor loaded to every job during Order Entry. The labor loaded during Order Enter can be entered automatically or entered manually from an Estimate. Then, a report for every Press can be printed demonstrating the tasks lined up and all the hours which have been scheduled.


The software makes life easy. Print Management Information System is important print shop management software. It will help you a great deal in your business or manufacturing firm. The software is designed to ensure order, accountability, and ease of doing things.