Best School Organisation Apps for Students

Best School Organisation Apps for Students

Looking for school organisation apps? Are you a student and struggling with time management? Students often think that they get more hours in a day as 24 hours are not just enough for them.

Kudos to the advanced technology as it is here to save your day. There are a large number of the best school organisation apps for students you can download directly from the App Store and Play Store on your phone and systems to boost your productivity and check things off your to-do list. With these apps, you can be more organized and efficient. Here is a list of the top free time-management apps for students.

myHomework Student Planner:

The name of this app may let you think that this is for school students only, but this is actually for all levels. From high school to the university, students are allowed to use this app. This app offers a calendar which allows you to write your upcoming assignments, projects, exams, and any other important event. It also contains a homework widget. Using this widget, you can sync your assignments as well as receive reminders.

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It is the second-best productivity app available in this listing. Trello is designed to enable you to organize and manage any project through boards, which you can afterwards customize the project solo or with others. This app also offers you separate lists for organizing multiple tasks at once on your to-do list.


This is one of the best apps which not only allows you to keep your assignments and notes organized but also enables you to keep your thoughts safe in this app. It has terrific features which permit you to sync your personal checklists, assignments, projects, and notes across multiple devices. It means you are allowed to process your work on one task on one device and later switch the same task to another device without losing anything or any data. Plus, this incredible device allows you to make notes in a wide variety of formats, including:

  •         Texts
  •         Photos
  •         Audio
  •         Web clippings
  •         Videos

Pomodoro apps:

If you are in need of getting a start on an essay, then you should try this app. It can break up your entire task into intervals of 25 minutes, and after each interval, it takes a short break. This is a great app in the sense of making you less likely to burnout. So this app is proven to be one of the best school organization apps for students. For more information visit our Website