Top 5 Social Media Networks used by digital marketing agency gold coast

Top 5 Social Media Networks used by digital marketing agency gold coast

The world is most likely trapped in the social network and it has a strong grip on people, that they even can’t imagine their life without social media. The technology is getting advanced and people are more tempted towards the updated versions of social networks. It is good to hire the reliable service of the digital marketing agency gold coast.

Social media has actually become an integral part of life.  Social media is a collective term for the communication through online sources. There are a large number of free social networking websites that are involved in interactive, community-based input, collaboration, and content-sharing. People of today are almost addicted to such social media, they consider it crucial to share their interests, hobbies, day to day activities, and even the feelings or emotions with the people. According to a survey conducted by Andrew Perrin, younger women are more addicted to social media than the older adults. This article will cover the top social media networks used by digital marketing gold coast.

1.   Facebook

Almost the entire world is aware of the fact that Facebook is the most used social network. This is one of the platforms for a young working woman who has no such time but they want to be aware of the people around, so they go online to see what is going on in the family and get connected to those. According to a study conducted in the United Kingdom, 49% of the male uses facebook while 51% of the young females are addicted to facebook. It is the application that is actually ruling the entire world.

2.   Twitter

When an individual log on to their twitter account, he will find himself in the midst of a crowd where people are dashing in all the directions. Joining that crowd is energizing and enlivening. A young woman who is either a housewife or a student would make herself as the epicenter of the crowd by joining twitter.

3.   Instagram

The digital marketing agency gold coast is interested in sharing their world with the people around them. Instagram is one such area that is an ultimate social network for sharing all sorts of photos or short videos, particularly when an individual is on the go. 90% of the people living in the United Kingdom are under 35 and it includes a large number of females rather than females. 


TikTok is a short-form, video-sharing app that allows users to create and share 15-second videos, on any topic. TikTok maintains a separate app for the Chinese market, known as Duyin, which has over 300 million active monthly users. It provides Educational Content